About Hot Granola Girl

Introduction:  I have enjoyed Danette’s cooking throughout the years, along with friends and family, who have encouraged her to cook for them as well.  She has been known to unexpectedly drop off a quart of chicken soup or granola to those not feeling well in our community for years.  Finally, I said, “Why not make a business of it?”  So here it is.  We hope you will enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoy making it.  Come back and visit hotgranolagirl.com often because we will update and add items often.  We also plan on changing or adding seasonal menu items.

Purpose: This site lets you see what Danette makes often.  It is also an easy way for her to share her recipes with our family and friends.  Menus may change as fresh foods and new recipes become available.

Origins of “Hot Granola Girl”: Well, since I’m her husband who is writing this, of course, I think my wife Danette is hot (because she is), but what this name “Hot Granola Girl” has more to do with is her recipe for what I’ve named “Bitch’n Granola,” which I have encouraged her to make for years.  While all her foods are delicious, the Bitch’n Granola is addictive. It’s just the right blend of sweet and spicy, with a bite that keeps you returning for more.  She’ll make it with dark chocolate, my favorite!

All Natural Ingredients, Made from Scratch:  Over the years that we’ve lived here in Chagrin Falls (since 1990), friends have called Danette “granola girl” meant as a compliment because she is so wholesome looking, encourages good health, and has always cooked using only the best in natural and organic ingredients.  Her Mom, Jean, taught her about holistic medicine, and we’ve practiced taking natural ingredients to fight off ailments.  Her chicken soup, for example, with extra cloves of garlic, has been ordered by friends and family many times to soothe and cure many colds. (Click here to see her recipe for fighting off all sorts of ailments, made of garlic, vinegar, and honey.  Our boys grew up on this.)

How to Benefit from this Site: This site will serve as a place for Danette to post her recipes for family and friends.  Even though she was a teacher when I met her, she has grown to enjoy cooking so much and has cooked for many in the area, including a past head coach of the Cleveland Browns.

See Holiday Menu or click here for the PDF version of this menu to print and distribute to friends.